venerdì 1 dicembre 2006

TAFKAV Scheduling Information


TAFKAV is a dynamic Interactive installation that presents plants as complex, living beings. The plant's generated music reveal plants as they sense and respond to their environment. The original sound based on plant metabolic process, is composed by Steve Piccolo and live plant material.

Credit Line

TAFKAV is a project of Francesco Monico. Original sounds by Steve Piccolo. Additional support was provided by NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano, Facolà di Media Design,, and by PhD Research Center M-Node,

Space Requirements

Few square feet.


Euro ..... Includes plant & files to produce a 16-page critical guide to the istallation; digital file to produce study guide for grades; media kit; link to the TAFKAV website; two staff for five days (three days to setup and two days to takedown); Lights, ultrasonic humidifier, plant seeds.


Venue responsible for one-way shipping. Insurance is included in the rental fee.


4 orchids Vanda Cerulea, sun lights, ultrasonic humidfier, digital controleld fan, sensors, computer, arduino, speakers ; 3 video displays; 5 audio sources; title banners, 13 translite photographs.


The Artist Formerly Known as Vanda. Interactive plant-human's installation trought music.

Gallery Environment

Daily temperatures between 65–75 degrees. Dimmable ambient lighting. Electrical access from ceiling or floor. No direct daylight. Environment


Medium: public entry to the building to be monitored.


Attendant required for daily a/v start-up and shut-down, and gallery walkthroughs; an individual capable of growing, installing, and maintaining plants; and a technician (on call) for electronics. Installatiorequires three able-bodied preparators for five days (three days for set-up; two days for tear-down).




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