venerdì 1 dicembre 2006


In this paper I describe an 'experimentum' that explores the possibility, and attendant problems, of establishing communication where none yet exists.
This essay does not rely on any common base of information, so any that exists has to be created and then offered to the other in such a way that the other is able to discover its significance.
First, the bases for an information exchange have to be set up. Then, after that, we can activate the communication exchange.
There is a distinct possibility that, once established, this exchange may reveal to us unexpected insights into our reality.
I want ot clarify that this installation is man direction oriented,
it wants to say that the meaning is man oriented
, that is why we will be explicity arbitrary in the creation of the music's sequence pattern. The sound will be on ultrahigh and ultrabass frequency to stay out of the normal human used frequency.

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