venerdì 1 dicembre 2006


Hermes @ Nature aka TAFKAV may be described as part of a systematic development of a poetic interpretation of communication as “text” flowing between particular subjects and humans. The concept of “text” here extends beyond information in general to any number of objects subject to interpretation.
The hermeneutic circle describes a process of understanding a dynamic relationship and refers to the idea that one’s understanding of the whole is established by reference to the constituent parts and vice versa.
Neither the whole nor any individual part can be understood without reference to one another, hence it is a circle. However, this circular character of interpretation does not make it impossible to interpret a relationship – rather, it highlights that meaning must be found within a dynamic relational context.
The projected installation will explore communication with the plant kingdom, specifically with flowers.
The aim of this experiment is to build a potential flow of human-plant information flow that generate a rhythm or pace and a series of constants that can then be codified – arbitrary, as with all sign systems – in a system of communication and hence a system of meaning.

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